A Grateful Wednesday

5 Things I'm Grateful for Today!

1) My Cross Country Skis. They've been a lifesaver in giving me awesome lunch breaks outside of the house. So peaceful- and still a good work out.

2) I realized I was thankful for the weather last week, but as of today, I'm very, very thankful for the positive degree temps. Our weekend was filled with terribly cold, -27 degree weather. I think this is our coldest winter out here thus far. Bbrrrr!

3) This one's nerdy- but Fringe. My husband and I just started watching it on Amazon Prime and we are totally hooked... probably too hooked. I've been having Fringe "save the world" dreams and I'm waking up a little stressed out lol

4) Our awesome family and friends. We have so much love in our lives and I am so grateful that even though we're miles and miles away, our amazing family and friends back home still strive to keep updated with us with phone calls, care packages, and Good Morning texts :)

5) Coffee. It's fantastic, strong, and right next to me


  1. amen to the coffee one, i'm currently cradling my cup like a newborn baby


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