To the Weekend!

I love birthdays! And if I lived by the above motto- I think I may have to start each day with cake in bed (yellow cake/ chocolate frosting), open presents, and then blare some Fleetwood Mac while I get ready... and then move throughout the rest of the day drinking coffee and doing whatever came into my head... which may be dangerous since I don't think I'd get any work done. But I really do love birthdays. Mine, friend's, family- any body's birthday is a reason to celebrate. And tomorrow is my husband's birthday! Yay! Danny's not as big on birthdays or surprises as I am- but I know he still secretly loves to be made a fuss about- which I will be doing plenty of. And even though he already found out 2 of his presents (because he bought them himself! Boy does he not understand the Birthday Rule of "No buying anything for yourself before your birthday!)- I still love him... and little does he know I still have a few tricks up my sleeve). So- I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And maybe live it up as if it's your own birthday this weekend. Happy Weekend/ Birthday :)

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