Gardening 101

Because spring was basically non- existent this year in Jackson it took a while before I felt comfortable buying plants for our porch. But once the sun was consistently shining for more than 3 days in a row, I went out and bought me some pretty flowers and fresh herbs.

I love growing my own herbs. It's basically the same price as buying them at the store, but they don't go bad after a week- it's a win/ win situation. The thyme has really taken off and is already taking up half the pot... I may need to replant soon.

So I brought all our pots up from the garage...

And lined up all the plants I purchased on our little porch. It was a bit overwhelming at first- trying to decide which plants to put together and which to put by themselves. Arranging them in a manner that something would hopefully always be in bloom. The yellow pansies were already in full bloom, so I put them with plants that hadn't reached that point yet, like the snapdragons, impatiens, and petunias. The begonias and dahlias got their own pots, herbs had to share. It was strangely relaxing, and I can understand why gardening is a hobby for so many.

A few days after I took these photos, the two plants in between the yellow flowers began to bloom. It's now a beautiful mix of yellow pansies, purple petunias, and white impatiens.

Because the wind can sometimes get a bit strong, I also wrapped this pot on the ledge with baker's twine to insure it stays put.

I also put together a collection of these lovelies for our swinging planter off to the side of our house. Although every time I water them, I feel bad because a waterfall streams down onto our neighbor's porch below... so I try and water them when my neighbors aren't home.

We use LOTS and LOTS of basil in this house. So I bought 3 different types and divided them up into 2 different pots. This is a picture of the smaller pot containing the chocolate basil and sweet basil. I also have a large pot containing an abundant number of lettuce leaf basil (the type we use the most often).

And here my wonderfully smelling lavender sits next to the sage. The lavender has also begun to bloom so I rub my hands against it on my way up the stairs whenever I remember...

Can't wait to start using all these yummy herbs in my home cooking!


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