To the Weekend!

Happy Friday! Since it's wedding season, things are super busy over here at Silver Pencils (hence the lack of blog posts this week). So... I'll be working again this weekend, but I am going to take tomorrow morning off to go garage saling with my friend Tracy... and maybe hit up the farmer's market too.

Here's how my last Saturday morning went: Stroll through farmer's market, bee line it for the flower tent and pick up some gorgeous peonies in pink, white, and magenta, snack on a chocolate croissant and salted caramel macaron simultaneously, filly my tote with a bunch of colorful, leafy veggies and fresh, baked bread, walk home, down multiple iced coffees, stick the peonies outside (sadness) because they were giving me a crazy headache, put everything away, nap, get up, work- and that was all before 11am

Here's hoping this weekend is productive, fun, and long. Happy Weekend!

(personal photo)


  1. Have a wonderful weekend, Brandi!

  2. what a perfect Saturday! I love productive mornings, especially on the weekends :) Don't work too hard now...


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