Say Hello to My Little Friends

Yesterday while working in my office, I had some unexpected visitors come by my windowYou'd think by how excited I got that I'd never seen a deer before. But seeing them sneak into our side yard and trample through the thick snow was just another reminder of why I love where I live
They were quite skittish and froze any time there was a noise

But they were so cute!Maybe today I'll get a visit from one of their other furry friends.


  1. So cute! I am absolutely in love with deer!

  2. definitely don't see this in SoCal! what a spectacular visit :)

  3. Awwww, SO CUTE! I have a family of five that live in my backyard (in the middle of my mid-sized city)! I love them and have names for them! LOL!

  4. Ahh, I am SO jealous - they are soooo beautiful! They are a lot furrier than the deer I have seen in CA.


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