I usually rush through breakfast. I'm either quickly scooping up a bowl of Coco Krispies or I'm eating something more hearty and healthy like oatmeal, but while working- so I never am really savoring and/ or enjoying breakfast time. So the other day while my guests and husband were asleep in the house (and while I was trying to be super quiet since I always wake up hours before everyone) (and since my computer was dead and the cord to charge it was in the guest bedroom) I decided to kill some time by having a breakfast date with myself. It honestly didn't take more than about 5 minutes to make- but it looked pretty and I enjoyed every yummy, blueberry and banana bite.

Do you usually make time for breakfast?


  1. Carlos almost always has to have a big huge breakfast production in the morning. I am often in a rush, at least during the week, & often have nothing more than a protein shake or toast or something really small. But on the weekends & occasionally during the week I do slow down & take the time to make a real breakfast & enjoy it.

  2. i have oatmeal time everyday :) Sometime Setiam joins me. But i've upgraded to trader joe's steel cut oatmeal from their frozen section. So good!

  3. Diane- that's awesome that Carlos has a big breakfast production (like how you put that) in the morning- I'm going to try and do it more often myself :)

    Anabel- I miss our oatmeal mornings! And look at you getting all fancy with your new steel cut oatmeal... I miss Trader Joe's


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