Into the Pink...

I'm not a girl who wears or outfits her house in much pink... in fact, looking around my house right now I can't find one thing of the color- but this girliest shade of the Crayola box is romantic, whimsical, and fun. Take a tour of these pink loving homes with me and indulge your feminine side.

Images: MC Maison 1,2,4,5; Flickr for Domino 3


  1. I can maaaaaybe do the blue and pink room, with the multicolored couch. But the rest of it just makes me think of Barbie. :-) Now that black and white room you had last week or the week before? OH yes.

  2. hahaha I agree. I don't want to live in any of these. But I do think it would be fun to visit... and read Alice in Wonderland or something :)

  3. You are completely correct about Alice in Wonderland. That and tea and cookies in those rooms... that actually sounds quite perfect!! In Eureka, CA, the town we first lived in when we got married, there was a place called "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" but it was not NEARLY as awesome as those rooms.


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