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With the wind chill, it is currently negative 31! Yes NEGATIVE 31! And don't worry, tomorrow morning- they're expecting colder: Negative 41 to Negative 51... although when it's that cold- I don't really see the difference between the 10 degrees.

I must admit I was a bit scared to take Maverick out for his walk this morning, so I wore 1 thermal, 2 heavy fleece layers, and 1 down coat that is supposed to keep me warm in up to negative 15 degree weather... and it wasn't too bad. My hands didn't stay warm under my fleece gloves and my face was definitely cold... but I survived, and now I'm back in my warm, cozy house. We'll see what happens tomorrow... and when I have to walk to the post office later... and when I have to walk Maverick tonight... hmmm...think I'm sending the husband on that one.

Well anyways, with the super cold weather we're experiencing right now, I'm glad that I got out of the house for a little bit this past weekend. Since the weather was so nice (the trickery of it all!), I took a drive out to the Grand Tetons... because they make me happy.

On my way, I stopped to take a picture of the birds in the Elk Refuge
And lo and behold, I realized that we have swans! I've never seen swans out of a park setting... I was pretty excited... by myself... on the side of the road
Looking back at town...

And then there they were... my reason for the drive
I would have gone further and stayed longer, but our truck started acting up. And since no one knew where I was and Danny was at work, I thought it best to go home just in case. But it was still worth it. I can't wait till summer when I can go hiking through them again


  1. Beautiful scenery! Totally jealous you live in the wintery mountains- even with the ridiculous temperatures! Hope you stay warm!

  2. It's soooo cold! And it's my day off so of course I have a list of things to do... including the post office and Albertsons. Going to suck it up and brave the cold. Bryan WALKED to work today, decided it was some sort of manly challenge! He's crazy.

    Also: you and Danny NEED to go to Sports Authority and rent their snowshoes for $10, and then go to Taggart Lake. It's SO BEAUTIFUL!! And you get quite warm, so even if it's less than 10 degrees, you'll stay warm if you have good baselayers and gloves.

  3. Oh my goodness, I don't think I could comprehend what negative 51 feels like?!? I think the coldest I have felt is negative 10...

    Stay warm! And gorgeous scenery!

  4. Jessica- Yes, Bryan is a crazy man. Or has super human warmth. And we totally are! My best friend and her husband are visiting next week so we might do it then, or my dad is visiting for 2 weeks after them so we might go with him too. Believe me- I think about it all the time :)

    Carly- It's definitely COLD!!! But not as bad as it sounds... maybe


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