Hanging Wrapping Paper

I've always stored our rolls of wrapping paper in a galvanized bucket in my office closet. It looked sort of organized and kept them all in one place. But then, I started throwing random things in the bucket (of course) and the wrapping paper started getting all crinkled and smooshed. So I decided to do something I've always wanted to do (and already do with my tissue paper)- hang it up like I work in a fancy and fun paper store. They're not perfectly level (shhhhh), but I like it. I used spare ribbon in different colors to hang them up, tied a knot on each end, and then secured them with push pins. Not as pretty as those paper stores I love but it works for me.
How do you store your wrapping paper?


  1. I love this idea! I always love the way paper looks when hanging. I just store ours in a bucket in my closet but would love to hang pretty papers up like this.

  2. Ours in a plastic container in the garage--it's one of those long flat "under the bed" type of containers. I love your idea, but we don't have any wall space to do that here.

  3. I love this idea! Our wrapping paper is currently just tossed into a closet - this is a much better idea!


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