Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! I'll be making the trek out to the fabric district in LA this weekend to stock up on supplies before our big move. I've never been so I'm very excited! I'm also going to stop by the flower district before we leave to get some pretty blooms for our room and office. I'm thinking pink and white peonies...

I wish you all a wonderful and exciting weekend as well! See you on Monday!


  1. I love the fabric district- don't forget to bargin!! Have fun.

  2. Anywhere that has a 'fabric district' sounds aaaaaaaamazing. Do they have a yarn district? Is that even a thing? It needs to be a thing. A yarn district that serves tea and coffee and has sales.

    Also, if there could somehow be chocolate involved...

  3. Gorgeous picture!!

    Just wanted to drop in and mention that I'd blogged about you today:

    Thanks again for all your flower help!

  4. Sugar- I tried to bargain but I got too scared! I'm such a wimp!

    Jessica: A yard district that sells tea and coffee and has sales sounds amazing! Let's start one! And maybe add in a chocolate district and a used book store district :)

    Charis: I'm heading over there right now! Can't wait to see! Thanks so much!


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