Inspiration Boards

When I was younger, my walls were covered with posters, pictures of friends, concert ticket stubs, etc... They took over my walls and when I left, there was nothing but a bunch of holes left. But I remember loving always walking in and actually seeing everything I loved right there in front of me.

Flash forward a couple years, mass wall take over turned into inspiration boards above my desk. This is an old one of mine taken right before the wedding. When working hard on a project, I always loved to look up and focus on one or two things to give me inspiration for whatever task was at hand. A mix of vintage record covers, pictures with friends, and photos of landscapes and magazine shots that caught my eye- I always felt refreshed looking up.

Since we are in the middle of moving, I have no inspiration board currently. And I know that my current one would look completely different than the last one I had. But I'm already thinking of what I'll put up there...

Do you use or have you used in the past inspiration boards for well... inspiration?


  1. I used to make my own from magazines in high school!!! Wish I could find one or two...

    Looks great!

  2. Kelley I was the same way in high school! :)


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