Lunch at Grandma's House

This may not be the typical Grandma's House spread... but it is at my Grandma's. I love visiting and eating all this Asian deliciousness :) Here's what she whipped up for me last time I was there:

Oshinko rolls (I totally could be butchering the spelling here) My grandma makes these for me every time I come over
Cold tofu with dried fish flakes (don't get grossed out now) and soy sauce. The fish is very salty and tastes great with the cold tofu- but you need to have soy sauce with it... otherwise it would be like trying to eat small scraps of paper
Cooked spinach served cold with ground roasted sesame seeds, soy sauce, and a small amount of sugar... soooooo goodAnd some noodles with veggies

What's your "Welcome Home" food look like?


  1. That looks so tasty!
    I wish I had someone in my life who had all these delicious recipes in her brain. Not only to make them for me but teach me how :)

    For me, 'Welcome Home' food is always something Southern. When my husband and I visit my parents at their cabin in Tennessee biscuits and gravy are usually ready and waiting for us when we arrive. Makes my heart all warm (and my stomach growl) just thinking about them now.

  2. Lindsey I love Southern food! And oh- biscuits and gravy are so yummy! Maybe I'll make some for dinner :)

  3. Yum this looks absolutely delicious! Does your grandma have Asian recipes to share?

    My welcome home food is usually my dad BBQing.


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