Random Acts of Kindness

Having been on both sides, I think Random Acts of Kindness are a wonderful way to show love.

Wouldn't it be nice to surprise someone with a pretty box of macarons today...

Or have a pink box of gorgeous ribbon waiting at their door?
Today I would like to perform one random act of kindness... where do I start? :)


  1. Start with the heart - My grandma always used to say that :) I love random acts of kindness and it's a great way to show people you care and it's so fun to see how that little something made them feel so good!

  2. I made some homemade chocolate chip spice biscotti last night... I think biscotti wrapped in a bit of fabric might be one of the nicest little treats ever. :) AND it's low fat and has a pretty reasonable amount of calories!

  3. pay the toll for the person behind you, pay for the coffee for the person behind you, put money in an expired parking meter, or buy flowers for a friend just because.


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