Weekend Mountain Wedding: Details, Details, and more Details

I LOVED planning our wedding. Sure, there were moments when I'd start crying out of nowhere... or when under eye circles became the norm for a while :). But for the most part, I really did love it. And that was because the details, the food, the location, everything- represented our ideal wedding- and not someone else's.

This detail especially embodies how we felt on that day.
Our escort cards wrapped round the treeMy bouquetand then placed with my bridesmaids hydrangea bouquetsOur favors of homemade chocolate chip cookies in brown paper bags. My mom worked like crazy to get these all done the couple days leading up to the wedding. We then wrapped groups of 5 in saran wrap and placed them inside. These were placed amongst the tables so that guests could jump in at their leisure.The ring bearer's nest. I forgot to bring rings for this so I ended up placing 2 gold stackables I had worn earlier on there.In the months leading up to the wedding, I started collecting vases and urns of different sizes from garage sales and thrift stores. I wanted the decor to be eclectic and different.This was our guest book table: a wine barrel. A friend of my brothers from San Luis Obispo had 2 of these and brought them down for us to use.And here we have the reception space... all outdoor with cafe globe lights strung from tree to treeWe had 2 to 3 centerpieces per table. And I bought these espresso colored paper napkins last minute at Paper Source on sale. I had originally wanted to use linens for environmental reasons, but then due to budget constraints- I opted for these (which ended up working out great).A little closeup of one of the centerpiecesAnd here we have the espresso cups. Come on now, had to incorporate these :)And last but certainly not least, the dessert table! We had 3 different types of dessert: cupcakes, cheesecake, and caramel apples. The cupcakes came in red velvet, chocolate, and lemon. The caramel apples came in plain, milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate, and white chocolate rolled in Oreo. The caramel apples were the first to go... especially since our guests could easily take them with them.
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All photos by the amazingly talented Sandra Salisbury

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