Holiday Gift Guide... for Me :)

This year I made my holiday wish list through Wishpot. I always have trouble thinking of what I want when my husband asks. This time... every time I came across something I liked- I just added it to my Wishpot list. This way I actually had a response when he asked this year.

Here are some of the lovely things that caught my eye:

Anthropologie Reef Scarf... Anything from Anthro is on my list- but I could totally see throwing this on EVERYDAY
Smashbox lipgloss in Pout... I heart this color. It's so sheer and prettyI have wanted Hunter boots for as long as I can remember. And now that we're moving out of sunny California and into rain and snow- I finally have a use for these babiesI jumped on the Taylor Swift bandwagon a little later than everyone else, but I just love herThis D&G perfume reminds me of an Escada perfume I wore in high school. It's so fruity and funI wasn't allowed to watch Felicity and Dawson's Creek when I was younger- lots of trying to watch in my room and switching the channel as soon as someone came in. Sssshhhh! Now I want to watch the episodes uninterrupted :) And finally, the new gray UGGS. When Danny and I went up the coast a couple of months ago on our Anniversary Road Trip- I saw a girl in a coffee shop wearing these and fell in love. I made sure to repeatedly tell Danny how much I love these ;)


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