Time Is On My Side

Goodness! After having no life for the past year and a half... time is finally on my side. I took the plunge and quit my job. I know in hard economic times it hardly seems the thing to do... but after a lot of thinking and praying, I know it was in fact the right thing for me to do. So we've moved in with my mom and sister. Paying rent to my mom is hardly where I saw myself at this point in my life- but this way we can pick up and leave as soon as we get jobs in Jackson and not have to deal with giving a month and a half minimum notice to our landlord. Danny and I are planning an adventure across the United States. We want to try living in different places until we find a place to call home forever. Our first stop will be Jackson, WY, right under the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park! I still have to post pictures from when we explored there last May.

We're not going to be moving for at least a couple months however. So this gives me time to 1) Spend time with my friends and family before the move. 2) Start blogging again and finish my Weddingbee recaps and 3) Start crafting and get my Etsy shop up and going again.

I also took the CBEST last Saturday in hopes of subbing at my mom's school before we go. I only had 3 days to study however so we'll see how that went ;)

Anyways, Below are a few pictures of what I've been working on. Expect to hear from me much more than the last few months. Time is finally on my side.


  1. I just came across your blog, what an exciting time ahead of you both, good for you for taking this big step, I am sure your bravery will be rewarded :) I have been enjoying your beautiful wedding photos, your dress was gorgeous - who was the designer? Catherine x

  2. congrats on the big changes in your life! I'm glad to be hearing more from you again--and I'm sure you're relieved to get some of your life back in the form of time!

    wonder if we'll be able to schedule an OC meetup before you head out of here!

  3. Catherine- Welcome, Welcome! So glad you stumbled over here :) My dress was from Michaela Bridal and I absolutely loved it. I just wanted to twirl in it non stop :)

    Katie- thanks so much- we're definitely very excited!! And yes- let's do an OC meetup soon! Meeting in Orange County is much easier for me than LA

  4. OKKKK, this is totally weird and not something I normally do at all, because, ummmm... it's weird. But MY hubby and I are moving to Jackson, WY this summer (well, in April) to work for the summer. We're Christians and we've lived there before in the summer (we met in Jackson summer of 2006). I won't really have any girlfriends there, but I will know a few guys. I followed your wedding a lot of Weddingbee and I loved reading all about it. We're moving from Humboldt County, CA.

    So pretty much what I'm saying is, if you want to meet up for coffee sometime or something, let me know! You can check out my blog first to make sure I'm not creepy.



  5. Jessica you are so funny... and I'm glad you're not a crazy person ;) I would love to meet up for coffee as I will know no one (besides my husband) out there as well. We're hoping to move out there between April- May. Such a small world :)

  6. Brandi -- Yay! It's hard not knowing people in a new place, even if it's a really exciting place to live. Eventually you need friends :) Will this be you and your honey's first big move since you got married?

  7. Yes. We've lived in So Cal our entire lives so not only will this be our first big move together- but our first big move period. We are so excited!! We'll officially be moving out there in the beginning of May


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