The Case of the Messed Up Address Book

Yesterday I started writing out my Christmas cards... a little late in the game I know, but as I was doing so- I realized how completely out of date and messed up my address book is. First off I have so many old addresses for people that 1/3 of it is out of date. I know the rule is to write in pencil and hopefully I'll start this tradition with my next address book, but seriously- I was crossing off names left and right yesterday. Secondly, I have so many names and old and new addresses in there that I've started converting unused sections into different letters. The Letters B and R really seem to take up a lot of room. So now I have to go searching through multiple letter sections just to find a completely different letter.
In conclusion, the purpose of this out of the ordinary rant is just to say... I think it's time for a new Address Book.


  1. your wedding was spectacular. i LOVE the setting for your ceremony... under the boughs of the strong sturdy pines. so peaceful. so joyous.


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