Weekend Mountain Wedding: A Walk Beneath the Pines

Before I saw him I knew he was there. Our photographers had spotted him. Photographed him. Our Parents had walked down the aisle. And then one by one, so did our wedding party, our friends. They took the steps necessary to start our ceremony, our walk, our declaration to love eachother, and only eachother forever. And now it was my turn.

My walk to Danny begins here:

Press Play to Listen to Iron and Wine's, "Love and Some Verses," as you scroll through the pictures. This is the song I walked down to.

Ethan and Madison make their way before me, unbashful and full of joy. And then it was time. The music began, my stepdad took my arm, smiled at me, and we began to cross the bridge.I remembered the advice of all the Bees before me. "Take your time." "Walk Slowly." "Take everything in."
Danny sees me for the first time, and our photographer captures it.

Reaching the middle of the aisle, I kissed my stepdad and took the arm of my dad for the rest of the walk down the aisle.
And on we walked beneath the pines.I'm happy. I'm calm. I'm happy and calm; and every single person I care about is here.Danny holds back tearsAnd descends down the steps to meet me He shakes my dad's hand...I kiss my dad...
And join hands with the person who will keep me and love me forever. Up Next: We Say I Do!!

I'm wearing the Grace Peony Hair Flower

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All photos by the talented Sandra Salisbury


  1. I love that song! Thank you so much for sharing this. Such a beautiful wedding and I love how Mr. Espresso and the groomsmen and your dad are all wearing sneaks!


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