Weekend Mountain Wedding: The Procession of Little Black Dresses

When money is tight, your wedding party is large, and everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, a Little Black Dress can make decisions so much simpler- especially if you already have one in your closet. I had 7 bridesmaids. The tallest was 6ft and the shortest 5ft. The same dress can look very differently on both. So early on I decided to let each of my girlfriends pick their own LBD. My only request was that it had straps. Some wore dresses they already had, others went out and bought one- but it was their choice, it reflected their style, and they actually could/ would wear them again.

The moms decided to hop on the LBD bandwagon as well. And I'm so glad they did. Here is the beginning procession to our wedding. The parents walked down to Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch and the wedding party walked to "It's Good to Be in Love" by Frou Frou.

Danny's Parents
My brother and Mama...
Ryan and Natall
Daniel and my future sister in law ChelseaMy brother and Allison (I love that he's heading over to shake Danny's hand right here)Pat and Sam
My future brother in law Ryan and Kristie
Mikey and my beautiful little sister...
Brendan and Chris
How did you pick what your wedding party is wearing? Anybody else doing LBDs? If so, help these photos help you with your planning!

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All photos by the talented Sandra Salisbury


  1. they all look great!! i'm doing the LBD thing too - I also have 7 BMs of all different sizes. love how it turned out in your wedding!

  2. How funny that we have the same amount of Bridesmaids and both wearing LBDS!


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