Weekend Mountain Wedding: Fancy Men at Dreamland

So while the girls were getting ready at the B&B, the guys were getting fancy at a friend's cabin down the way called, "Dreamland."
Dreamland was the perfect place for the guys to stay. It was built in the late 1800's, it has a view of the lake, and there is literally a cave built into the center of the cabin. It's hard to tell from the picture below but there's a bedroom on the other side of that fireplace. And you enter that room by walking through a narrow rock cave tunnel on the other side. The guys loved staying at a place with their very own cave... very manly you know :).
Mr. E also had more friends show up the day of our wedding and cook them all breakfast. Seriously- we shared this day with some pretty awesome people.
Here's my sexy man getting ready that morning. I'm so happy he's finally my husband :)
One of the groomsmen helping BIL Espresso with his tie
Mr. E went the traditional route of getting his groomsmen flasks as well as some liquid courage to go inside. Here they are filling some up.
Every guy in the wedding wore Black Vans (Our dads looked so cute in them!)
Some photo time on the deck
Mr. Espresso rocking the watch I bought him for our Wedding day. I had our photographer take it over to him that morning .
The guys got dressed and ready within no time. So they relaxed on the deck until it was time to come over

How are/ or did the guys in your weddding spend the time before the wedding?
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All photos by Sandra Salisbury


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