Weekend Mountain Wedding: Morning Time

Waking up on the day of our wedding was both surreal and calming. This was it. This was the day I was marrying Mr. Espresso: the sexiest, sweetest, and funniest man I have ever met, my best friend.

After I woke up, I stayed in bed for almost an hour: listening to faint noises outside my door, smelling the waffles and coffee the owner of our B&B was in the middle of making, and soaking up every quiet, meditative minute I could before the busyness of the day swooshed in. Time was in slow motion, and I felt that I could actually be in every second that came and passed.

After a few sets of steps and whispers had passed my door, the knock finally came. And with that, the busyness of the day. All 7 of my bridesmaids came in within seconds and climbed on my bed. They were all there with me. No fancy clothes yet, no makeup- just all of them being there for me and sharing in my joy. (They're all going to kill me by the way for sharing no makeup pictures.)
One of the fantastic advantages of staying in a Bed & Breakfast- they make breakfast for you! Linda the owner of Alpenhorn had prepared a fantastic breakfast for us: Belgian waffles with strawberries, banana oatmeal creme brulee (what?!!), homemade granola, and coffee... oh the wonderfulness of coffee :) We all tumbled out of my bed and headed for the kitchen. I loved having that time with my bridesmaids and family to sit, relax, and eat. Eating that morning was important to me. I'm hypoglycemic and there's no way I wanted any fainting spells while I was up there at the altar... plus I just love to eat.

Once we were finished, we headed into the back (still in our pajamas) to finish setting up. We still needed to put the twine around the pine trees and set up the escort cards around it. The linens, centerpieces, and decor all needed placed. And all the pine needles that had fallen over night had to be swept for the incoming dance floor. The ladies and I got to work.

While we were out there, we had a major battle with the elements. The wind was STRONG and rain clouds were everywhere. I later learned that everyone was scared that I was going to break down and start crying. But oh contrare :). Well, the wind I could have done without, but honestly, it was my favorite kind of weather. Not ideal for an outdoor wedding, but my absolute favorite. I just wanted to throw on a scarf and some jeans, drink some hot cocoa, and cozy up to my future husband.

Check out the wind action here!

The wind was so bad that we were out there setting up way longer than we had planned to. Family members were making trips to Walmart to purchase more linen clips. Rocks were being thrown on top of everything to keep them down. It was craziness. So when I looked down at my phone to see what time it was- I realized I only had 15 minutes before the photographers arrived! I rushed to my room, starting running water for a bath, and turned on Singin in the Rain. I had planned on listening to a "Get Ready" mix that I had made but my ipod was dead. So I put on one of my favorite movies instead so I could just listen to it in the background.

Alright...Tub was full. Spa jets on. And oh!! Cold Water! Everyone must have been having the same bath idea as me. Every muscle is my body is squeezed because of how cold the water is. I'm quickly rubbing bath gel on when my phone rings- Photographers are here!

At this point I could only laugh. It looks like it's about to rain on our all outdoor ceremony and reception. I just had a 5 second cold bath. And my photographers are here when I'm not the least bit ready. Oh life :) But I didn't feel sick anymore. And I was marrying my best friend today. So bring on anything- nothing, absolutely nothing would ruin this day.

Up Next: The Girls get Pretty!!


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