Weekend Mountain Wedding: The Dress Comes On

My makeup and hair were done. Now the only thing left to do was slip on my dress. A monumental and strange moment all in the same. I'm putting on the dress that I'll marrry my husband in. The dress I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole until the day of our wedding, in fear that I would damage it, spill on it, catch it on fire, etc... And now, not only do I finally get to wear it, but I'm stripping down to my tiny undies and a clear bra that could better pass for packaging tape. Sister, ok. Close friends there, ok. Extended family and SIL...ok. Photographers... please don't take pictures of my front until I say :)

As you can see I'm holding up the front here. I have many pictures of me holding my boobs in fear that the dress would slip and the packaging tape would be on display again. Note to future brides- don't be like me and hold your boobs for 15 photos. I'll only show you this one :) I don't know if you can tell in this next picture, but I'm totally holding my breath here. Thoughts running through my head at that moment: Oh gosh- maybe I should have tried on the dress to make sure it still fit... maybe I shouldn't have eaten that entire TUB of malt balls for dinner the other night!All is well. Dress fits and I'm ready to rock it!
Ok checklist time. Girls are ready? Check!
Maid of Honor has the ring? Secure on her finger

Enlist help of MOH and sister to help put on my garter...
Check my shoes...

Veil on... Time to Get Married!!!

Tell me: Do you fear messing up your dress before your wedding or do you twirl around in it on a daily basis?
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All pictures by Sandra Salisbury


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