Weekend Mountain Wedding: Time to Get Beautified

My wonderful stylist and colorist Jeanette had made the trek up the mountain to do my hair for our wedding (for free). She also had done my cut and color for me the week before as a wedding present. I honestly LOVE her! Here we are getting started.
Midway through however... my stomach started to rumble. So my wonderful bridesmaid/ makeup artist brought me some strawberries and champagne. Honestly- how incredibly awesome is it to be a Bride?!Enjoying some bubblyWhile I was getting ready- so was the rest of the house. Here are my sister and her friends getting all beautified! Each of us having our own room sooooooo helped with the mirror and cramped bathroom situation.Makeup Time! Now I must admit. Having a bridesmaid who's also a manager at Mac is a huge blessing. Besides her being incredibly talented and awesome at what she does- she also has tons of colors and brushes that I just want to play with nonstop!Smacking my lip color together. And check out the brows- I have the most crazy brows that like to swirl in all directions. She totally took hold of them

Talking with some of my bridesmaids about everything that was about to happen. EEEEK! So exciting! Our Flower Girl Dress and shoesMadison (our flower girl) was having so much fun in her dress that she kept swirling and jumping from the bed. Here I am catching her in one of those moments

My mom and bridesmaid Natall. She's the mother of our flower girlAnd finally, here I am watching as some of our guests start to arrive. Watching as dressed up family members and friends started to arrive to watch Mr. Espresso and I get married was such an unreal feeling, but an absolutely amazing one. It was actually happening. After all of the phone calls, planning, tastings, contracts, and booking- the day was finally here.

Miss Something? Catch up here:

Morning Time

All pictures by Sandra Salisbury


  1. That flower girl dress is amazing, where did you find it?

  2. I would love to know where that flower girl dress came from, it'd match my wedding perfectly...or that style

  3. It's from this awesome UK store Monsoon. At the time they didn't ship to the US so I searched high and low for months on ebay until I found one my flower girl's size, but I believe they ship to the US now. Here is their website: http://us.monsoon.co.uk/ Hope you find what you're looking for :)


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