Surprise Birthday Camp Out

Good Morning! Today I woke up in a tent. On the river. And smelled like campfire... pure bliss. 

I kidnapped Danny after work as the final part of his birthday celebrations yesterday for a birthday camp out. With takeout from one of our favorite places in town already in the car (Trio for you Jacksonites), we headed about a half hour out of town to a spot I had already claimed on the river. 

After noshing on gourmet pizza and blue cheese fondue fries, we relaxed by the campfire, looked up at the stars, and talked about the last 12 years of birthdays we've spent together.

We had to get an early start for work. But I loved waking up here...

Next to my man

 And of course Mavi too

We drove into town and headed to Persephone for an early breakfast. Hello Breakfast Bread  Pudding made of croissant, brioche, maple syrup and warm berries and peaches!

And we'll be headed out again to continue our camping excursion later today after work. Yay! 


  1. What a great birthday and what an awesome way to wake up in the morning! Loving the new look of the blog, Brandi! Have an awesome day-

  2. Thanks so much Kat! I missed being able to post large pictures :) Hope you're doing great girl!

  3. Thank you for your great posting.I came to know a lots of stuffs from your blog.Thank you for your such great blogs.


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