Cali Part 1

Our time out in Cali was super incredibly short- but it was SO MUCH FUN! I don't think I've ever been more sad to leave. We only had one day for each of my parents, one day for the wedding- and then we were gone- back on our way to Wyoming.

We arrived late Thursday night- and when I woke up Friday morning- it was so nice to walk around my dad's yard... could have had something to do with our 16 hour drive the day before- but it was also just nice to enjoy the warm sun- and hang out with my dad.

There were a bunch of snails. I accidentally squashed some. This guy lived to tell about it...

Pepper trees will forever remind me of Riverside.

After a relaxing morning, my dad took me out to Orange County to a must go on every California trip- the Asian markets! He spoiled me rotten. I got all the rice, good seaweed, and specialty items found nowhere in Wyoming that a girl could ask for!

And we of course went to 85 Degrees Celsius- an amazing Thai bakery that seems to be packed solid whether day or night. We snacked on delicious Asian pastries and the best iced Americano I've ever had... pure bliss.

Next, we walked around my favorite nursery: Roger's Gardens in Newport. Their succulent display had me missing the warm planting climate of Cali- oh Wyoming why must you go into subzero temps?!

And then we finished our time together walking around the beaches of Corona Del Mar...

It was wonderful.

From there, my best friend picked me up and we had our friendship date. Amazing burgers at Crow Burger (where we funnily enough ran into my husband and his friend), Coffee and cards at Alta- and a mad spree to find me a dress for the wedding the next day. We didn't find one until 2 hours before the wedding started... nothing like waiting until the last minute :)

Since we had a little time to spare before the wedding and her work day started, we decided to play cards in the lobby of the Ritz (we're rummy addicts). Her in her work out gear- and me in my dress- we were an interesting site :)

But then it was time for the wedding. I said bye to my bestie and headed outside for the ceremony. SO PRETTY!

This wedding is probably the fanciest wedding I'll ever go to. It was gorgeous. So cool to see all the Persian customs too...

My handsome hubby preparing for his best man toast... he killed it

Standing outside afterwards...

Up Next: Disneyland and Saying our Goodbyes...

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