Cali Part 3

The theme of my day with my mom was "relaxing". Danny & I had been so go, go go- so it was super nice to get some quality time just hanging out. 

We slept in, sipped on iced coffee, and indulged in one magazine after the other out on the porch... so nice...

She also took us to Trader Joe's so we could stock up on all the wonderful goodies we'd been missing (there seems to be a theme of food on this trip). Those tiny, chocolate chip cookies were gone in days...

And then- all you can eat sushi... enough said

Checking out my husband who's checking out the sunset

This is a horrible early morning picture- but it's with my Mama- and I already miss her so much. Saying goodbye is getting more difficult each time we visit everyone. And especially since I only had 1 day to see each of my parents this time- it felt like a tease- but one I'm grateful for. Any time I get to spend with my family is a blessing.

Until this trip, I hadn't had a frappuccino in about 8ish years... and for some reason- I had two on this trip. Hello delicious calories

Driving down Victoria on our way out (one of my favorite streets in the old Riv)

The drive back is 16 hours. And we drove it straight through again since the hubs needed to be back at work for the morning. This is somewhere in Wyoming about 12 hours into our trip...

We arrived home sometime around midnight. Hit the sack. And then got right back into the swing of things... plus unpacking

Can all my family and friends please move out here? It would sure making missing everyone a lot less painful :)

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  1. <3 Trader Joes is the best. California loves you guys :)

  2. Can't get enough of my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband! Miss you tons already!


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