Silver Pencils Home Goods Store Open!

I'm so excited to announce that Silver Pencils Home is now a reality! I'll be hosting a Grand Opening Launch Party once I get everything listed in my new shop (along with a giveaway!), but as of last night, I added my first few items that I've been working on. Silver Pencils Home will carry: totes, paper products, scarves, linens, jewelry, renovated goods, home decor, and more. I'll also still be running my current Silver Pencils wedding accessories store.

Check out the few items I already have listed and let me know what you think!

Bridesmaid Custom Gift Tote:

Happy Wedding!! Note Card:

 I love the surf... tote:

I love the mountains... tote:


  1. um, can we have a real life launch party!?!?!

    whoo hoo, this stuff is awesome! nice work girlie!


  2. Thanks ladies!

    Meagan- that sounds amazing! More incentive to get the rest done :)

  3. So awesome! I love that you're expanding: congratulations! :)

  4. Its been to looonnngggggg.... i miss you doctor .... call me!!!!!

  5. If I have a chance i will do that too and the Women's leather tote handbags at can be as good as yo uthought!


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