Having Fun in Big Sky, Montana

Today is our last day in Big Sky, Montana. It's been soooo relaxing. Our first day I just relaxed by my brother's gigantic fireplace and read a book while listening to a thunderstorm outside. Seriously amazing

The next day we did a little hike up to Ousel Falls. 

The hike was nice and easy. Lots of trees and pretty bridges

And then Ousel Falls. There was so much water moving at such a fast pace that we just got showered while standing on the side.

Today we're heading to Bozeman and then we'll be heading back to Wyoming tonight. I love vacations... even if they are short and close.

I'll post some non- camera phone photos soon- but just wanted to give a little update on the awesome trip we've been having :)


  1. That fireplace is to die for! I would love sitting and reading a book in front of it and throw in the thunderstorm, sounds like heaven to me :)


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