Good Things are Happening...

Things have been so busy at the shop that I haven't been able to open my new shop yet. Craziness! 

I'm loving the Bridesmaid Gifts Sets that have been shipping out lately...

These 4 Marie Charm Bracelets just headed out to Canada the other day...

While this set of earrings took flight to Colorado...

These new chair/ directional signs just entered the shop as well... 


  1. awesome!!! its that time of year!
    so happy you are busy~

    xo the egg out west.

  2. Hope you're not too busy for our Saturday friendship day :)

  3. Meagan- Thanks so much! And hey- we need to go for that bike ride soon :)

    Tracy- Never! Saturday Morning Friendship Dates are always scheduled in permanent marker :) I already went to the bank and got my cash too haha

  4. Well done Brandi! Excellent job on such pretties!


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