Easy Living in Big Sky, Montana

 Today I have a little recap of our hike to Ousel Falls in Big Sky, Montana.

The hike is pretty short and there's minimal elevation gain- which was nice since we'd just stuffed our faces with the with the best bagels I've ever had in my life. Seriously- if you're ever in Big Sky, Montana- go to Blue Moon Bakery- it's downright perfection

We we were also on the lookout for bears since there'd just been a grizzly attack about a week before... oh the wilderness...

Standing by the Falls with my little brother...

A nice, long day full of great food, a gorgeous hike, and wonderful family... I love this kind of day...


  1. Such beautiful pictures!! What a great area to hike.

  2. how gorgeous! so cool you and dustin live "close" enough to visit each other (:

  3. wow what an amazing place!!!

  4. so beautiful! and i hope maverick had a great time!


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