To the Weekend!

This weekend: My little brother's stopping by one last time on his way home to California. And if the weather stays good we're hoping to get in some cross country skiing- I've never tried it so I'm super excited. I also will be going grocery shopping (sticking to the outside of the store to avoid any sublimely, sweet goodness). And... then I have some orders that need to go out earlier than usual that I need to finish... but I love my job- so I don't mind in the least.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of adventure, relaxation, and super good food. See you back here on Monday!


  1. how fun! hope you all have a great time together- i would LOVE to try cross country skiing.. seems relaxing, yet hard (almost yoga-esque..??)

    i know you are avoiding sweets, but i'm seriously hoping you didn't cut out the fresh fruit... if you didn't, giiirl.. you won't even MISS sweets once Lent is over (: now go grab a kiwi (do they sell those in WY? silly question...) or melon and CHOW DOWN (:

  2. Still eating fruits! I juiced all of my fruits and veggies last week so I'm out of healthy munchies... hence my need to go to the grocery store :)


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