So, So Thankful

The past few days ended up being not at all what I expected. Saying they were stressful and life changing is a HUGE understatement.

And now- everything is Amazing. Better than amazing. And I wouldn't trade those 36 hours for anything. Because now my family is much, much healthier and happier. And I know that I am so incredibly blessed.


  1. Not sure what you and your family went through, but I'm glad everything is okay now! <3

  2. I'm so glad everything is OK, too! We love you Brandi!!

  3. So happy to hear that things are going well, its the tough stuff that makes the great stuff all worth it! Now, if I could just convince myself of that, we'd be all set!

  4. Thank- you all so much! Wow, I hadn't been that scared and stressed in a really long time- and then to have everything work out- and even better than we anticipated- happiness is just overflowing over here right now


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