Movie Review: The Artist

Gah! We finally saw The Artist last night and it was sooooooo good! As someone who loves old movies I was pretty sure I was going to like it- but I was a little uneasy about bringing my husband with me. We're both movie nerds... but he usually draws the line at b&w movies... and then add in that it was a silent movie- I just didn't know what to expect with him.

The theater was pretty empty when we arrived. Seeing that it was a Monday night showing in a small town at 9:15pm , I wasn't surprised. And the people that were there were young teenagers roiding out on popcorn and candy getting ready to see Ghostrider. So we bypassed the youngens and headed over to our movie... which was empty save a few older women. Things were not looking promising for my husband. But once the movie started, none of it mattered anymore. My husband loved it.

The acting was phenomenal. The music: fantastic. And oh goodness the wardrobe- can I please go back to the 1920's? I LOVED The Artist- and I very highly recommend seeing it.


  1. we saw The Artist this weekend and I was skeptical (E is the movie snob/expert in our house), but we both loved it! I am working on a post on the HAIR because I loved it in that movie. and the style, of course!

  2. I'm looking forward to your post- the wardrobes and style in that film were incredible!


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