Let's Go To Kauai... Part 1

Oh Kauai... how I miss thee. Your gorgeous blue waters. Your hot, sticky air. The fact that I could wear a tank top every single day while my friends in Wyoming were wearing layer upon layer upon layer.

But that was back in November... and now as I sit here in the cold... wearing layer upon layer upon layer- I'm ready to go back. Because no matter how many times you tell yourself to be fully present and enjoy every single minute of vacation... it goes by so fast. And it isn't long before it feels like a dream... a really good dream.

I took this picture while lounging on a hammock

Danny and I are usually go go go. So this vacation was all about relaxing. We spent a portion of every single day hanging out on the beach... it was perfection
In addition to doing nothing, we also explored around the island a bit. Our hotel was located in Kapaa (pronounced Kaw-Pah-Ah), a city centrally located on the island- making it a great starting point for our adventures.
We also ate at a lot of great places while we were there, but I'd have to say my favorites were always the hole in the wall joints. We ate at this great stand called Chicken in a Barrel- my chicken literally kept falling off the bone while I tried to eat it- so good! And then the carts selling plate lunches on the side of the road were fantastic- here are some yummy carnitas tacos we indulged in

And then we'd call it a day and go back to lying on the beach... not a rough life for 10 days

Up Next: We explore the Napali Coastline (shown below), Waimea Canyon, and my favorite town of Hanalei


  1. ugh i LOVE these pictures.. and you are so right, no matter how much you try to stay in the moment, vacations just whirl by in an instant.. so glad you lounged on the beach everyday (: it's sometimes hard to get yourself to do MORE than that, i think (:

  2. These are gorgeous pictures! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.

  3. Oh wow....this looks absolutely spectacular!!!!

  4. Ash- I totally agree. I kept making myself take mental pictures of what I was seeing, hearing, smelling- and it was wonderful- but it went by so fast! So fast that I can't believe it actually happened

    Lauren- If you ever get the chance go. I've been 3x now and it never gets old. Just wait for a good deal. We ended up getting round trip flights for $358!

    Katie- Thanks so much! It was :)

    Part 2 will be up tomorrow!


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