You know that scene from FRIENDS (season 1) where Chandler was stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre and he says, "On second thought, gum would be perfection"? Ok... well maybe you're not a complete nerd like me and recite Friendisms... but for me, yesterday was perfection. I took my first day off in over a month (I may have snuck a few emails at the beginning and of the day but sshhhhh) and Danny and I spent the day together snowboarding at the slopes behind our house. I haven't boarded in a few years and it was so nice to get back out in the snow again... especially since we live in one of the ski capitals of the country. We finished the day with some super yummy Mexican food and a game of Yahtzee (nerd alert). It was perfection.


  1. I love that Friends (and every other) episode!! And your days sounds like, um, perfection, haha, I'd die to board out west...Some day... :)

  2. Hahaha - I use Friends scenarios with abandon as well! :)

  3. That DOES sound like perfection!! I was just thinking earlier today "I haven't watched Friends in WAY too long!" I think I need to do a marathon one of these weekends. A whole day of friends and craftiness and tea sounds like perfection to me. :-)

    I'm so impressed you snowboarded Snow King!!! First of all, I've only tried snowboarding once but it was SO HARD. Secondly, Snow King is one of the steepest hills in the US!! So yeah, you're a rock star.

    Where did you get Mexican food? Our fave spot in town is Sanchez, although we like Merry Piglet's too. But Sanchez carnitas burrito... yummy face.

    So glad to hear how awesome your business is doing!! That's incredibly stellar.

  4. Runner and BigApple: I'm so glad I'm not the only Friend nerd out there :)

    Jessica- I have every season so you're more than welcome to borrow some any time. And thanks so much- I'm far from being a rock star on the slopes but I definitely enjoy it :) Also, we went to Picas- I love their carne asada torta. We like Merry Piglet's too but I still haven't been to Sanchez! Even though it's the closest to us lol


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