Estate Line Launch Plus New Products in Shop!

I'm so excited to be launching the Estate Line in the Silver Pencils shop. Products from this line will be listed only every so often and will have unique, vintage pieces as the main adornment This enables the buyer to have a one of a kind piece created solely for them. I've been collecting vintage jewelry from estate sales for quite some time. I love unique pieces with a bit of history behind them. The only sad part is that once they're out of the shop- that's it. So go ahead and check out the first from the Estate Line shown here:

And then in addition to the Estate Line, I also have this newly listed peony that is also the only one that will be listed in the shop:And then a new product that will stay in the shop:


  1. beautiful! i love the idea of the estate line!

  2. these are gorgeous! congrats on the estate line, what a great idea!


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