For the Bridal Party

This past month has been crazy busy over here at Silver Pencils, and honestly- it's been amazing. One of the main reasons it's been so busy is because I've been getting quite a few orders to outfit the entire wedding party- which is so awesome! One of those large orders (seen below) is going out today.

Small Pacific Hair flowers for the ladies

A wrist corsage for the moms (one mom is wearing her Small Pacific as a corsage and the other as a brooch pin)
A Small Pacific headband for the flower girlAnd Belarus boutonnieres for all the guys
But no time to rest! I have some new products entering the Silver Pencils shop this week that I am beyond excited about. YAY!!


  1. So pretty - I love the flower girl headband!

  2. Hey - those look familiar! They look fantastic, I'm super excited to get them. Thanks Brandi!

  3. I'm so excited for you to get them too Rowan! Thanks again for letting me take part in your happy day!!


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