Meet Christine... Part 3

Today I have the final installment of Chris & Sean's beautiful and fun autumn wedding. In the month leading up to the wedding, Chris purchased a vintage postcard lot off of ebay for the guests to write their well wishes on instead of a guest book. Her mom is mailing the cards to them them sporadically throughout the year to read- don't you love that? Danny found one of the catacombs in Europe and instead of well wishes wrote a message from a person who is trapped down there... I love himTheir escort cards were playing cards (navy for the guests, yellow for the bridal party), and whatever number you had on the opposite side was your table. For example, if yours was an 8 of hearts- you were at table 8. The tables were also marked with jumbo playing cards displaying the number of the table. There was lots of dancingThe cake was gorgeousAnd was soon smashed into their facesLove this picture of Chris with her new brother in lawAnd these may be the two cutest little boys everThe rings
And the feeling of the night.

Thanks Chris and Sean for sharing these photos with us. You both are amazingly wonderful people and I love you with all my heart. Can't wait for you to come visit next month!

Christine & Sean Part 1
Christine & Sean Part 2

All photos by Matthew Morgan


  1. Bran muffin!!! This are the most incredible posts! You are the most amazing best friend ever and I feel honored to be on your blog:)


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