Work Has Taken Over My Life

I've been working endless hours at work and I'm exhausted. I miss having more time with my husband. I miss my weekends. And I miss blogging.

So the benefit of all this: I've been getting more inspired to start my affordable yet chic wedding planning services. I'd get to work from home and do what I love. We shall see :)

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  1. that bouquet looks deliciously like spring. yum.

  2. I found your blog through wedding bee, and think you would really have a lot of success if you were a wedding planner, as I thought your wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Too bad my bf and I are no where near that point, otherwise I would be calling you ;)

  3. Thanks so much Kristen. I'll be posting a lot more of our wedding on both here and Weddingbee once I get all my digital pics back from our photographer too. And hey- if you and your bf ever do get near that point- you look me up ;)

  4. It will be after grad school, but I will definitely look you up then Brandi :)


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