The Herbs are Coming In

A few years ago I decided to start growing my own herbs. Some have died. Some have been pulled out and devoured by Maverick. And some I just never found a use for. But my Basil I have loved and used continuously. It's perfect for adding flavor to pasta, grilled sandwiches, pizza, pesto, etc... Saturday I bought a new one, but for inside the house. It's sort of my test to see which one does better. We will see...


  1. Where did you get this? The husband has been bugging me about growing some herbs, but I'm actually not sure where to get them. Ive had people suggest going to a farmers market, but it's winter so I'm not sure that works.

  2. Believe it or not- I actually bought it at Albertsons. But my other ones I bought at different nurseries, the garden section at Target, and Trader Joe's.


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