And so it Begins...

Today is Ash Wednesday- The Beginning of Lent and of things given up. And although I'm non- denominational Christian, and not Catholic, I still partake in Lent every year. 2 Years Ago it was Chocolate. Last year I barely made it through the 40 days without Bread. And this year..

I honestly have an unhealthy habit of using them for everything... which is not so good when you're on a budget. Because I'm going to need to track my savings, I'll be brining my lunch every day to work. I won't be buying songs on itunes. My spontaneous and frequent trips to Starbucks will lessen. And I definitely won't be partaking in any retail therapy after a hard day at work. I think this will be my toughest challenge yet... and I thought no bread was hard. Thank goodness the price of gas is somewhat down for now!

In addition to the credit cards, I've also decided to give up soda. I always give up something food related so I guess it's a comfort thing :) I will miss you DP!

If I were giving these up for myself, I know I probably wouldn't make it the complete 40 days. I'd tell myself that I deserve the soda or that a credit card really is the only option. But since this is for God, I feel a stonger accountability for my actions. Wish me luck on my new budget oriented and sodaless lifestyle! :)

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  1. Giving up credit cards will totally change the way you spend your money -- I promise! I have never liked using credit cards because your spending can so easily get out of control. I have always tried to stay in the habit of paying off my balance each month, but now that we're budgeting even more with hubby's unemployment, I try to stay away from the plastic entirely. It is really eye-opening to be so much more aware of your spending when you're strictly using cash or debit.

    Good luck!

  2. Bravo! Especially since you're doing it for God.
    I have to ask...I am a non-denominational Christian as well...however, I have never really understood Lent. Do they even talk about it at your church?

  3. Brooke I used to be like you too. I payed off the balance on my credit cards every month for 5 years, and then because of circumstances at the time- I switched and have never gone back- until now. I'm a bit intimidated but ready for the challenge. Thanks for the encouragement!

    LA- Thanks so much. They don't talk about Lent at my church either. My mom, although Christian now, grew up Catholic and has always has given up something for Lent. I started joining her about 10 years ago. Lent represents the 40 days Jesus was in the desert being tempted by Satan. Lent is practiced a few different ways. Many people start on Ash Wednesday, today, and go until the Saturday before Easter. Each Sunday I think they let themselves have what they've given up. My mom and I give our things up completely from today until Easter.

  4. you inspired me to give up my credit cards as well, for everything except wedding purchases (because I just can't get by for now without that). I still pay 80% of my balance every month...but it will be interesting to see what I have to sacrifice to make it to pay day!

  5. 80% is great already and good for you! I'm excited to have someone going through the challenge with me! :)


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