To the Weekend!

Hey there friends,

 Happy Friday! This month, it seems like every weekend is booked for us. Between baby showers, church activities, birthday parties, and dinner engagements- we've got a solid month of fun, weekend activities scheduled... and it's only the 3rd!

This weekend is no exception, and with the prep behind the SP Spring, Valentine, and Bridal Lines under way- it seems work won't be letting up either. But even with everything we've got ahead of us, I'm going to make certain that I get some quality time with my husband in there as well. It's so easy for us to push something that's so very important to the, "If there's time" category... and most times- there isn't. It gets swallowed by more commitments, chores, work, etc... 

So this year, I'm making a resolution to spend more purposeful time with my husband- time for us to cultivate and nourish are already wonderful relationship. Especially with a baby on the way, this is the last few months for a very long time where it will be just us. And although our lives will be enriched for the better because of that God given gift, I want to make sure I take full advantage of this precious time too. Plus- I just love hanging out with the guy, so what's to lose?

Have a wonderful weekend! And see you back here next week with some Mountain Living posts and one beautiful, Real Wedding!

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