Figuring things out...

Happy Friday my friends. This week has been filled to the brim. Filled with events, activities, work, friendship outings, dinners, and vacation catch up. It's been fulfilling, tiring, wonderful, and blessed. I apologize for my lack of activity. But I needed a break to evaluate what I'm  doing on here and how much time should be dedicated to my blog. I want to post often- but not if it's a bunch of nothingness.

So I still haven't decided the grand scheme of what my blog will be and where it is going, but I feel as though I'm getting a clearer idea of what it's purpose should be- and therefore what it's content should also project.

It will still be random- because my brain is in constant orbit around the various and wide range of topics that interest me. But hopefully it will be more useful and encouraging. A place where you'll want to pop a squat, be uplifted, and take a break.

Enjoy your weekend my friends and thanks for stickin' around.

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  1. Brandi, reading this makes me smile and I look forward to continuing to be uplifted and inspired by what you share with the world! Visiting your blog always brightens my day :)

  2. Leah thank- you so much for your more than sweet comment. I appreciate it more than you know :)


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