Thankful for...

5 things I'm grateful for this week:

1) Spring. Although it started snowing again yesterday, it's also now officially spring- which means sunshine and baby animals and warmth... it's coming- and I can't wait.

2) Speaking of baby animals- a mama moose and her 2 calves hung out on our property for a good part of the day yesterday. And it was so fun watching one of the calves chase the other around our yard. I love moosies.

3) My husband. After almost 11 years, he still continues to surprise me, make me laugh, and make each day better just by being in it.

4) My taxes are almost done. And goodness are they humbling. So thankful they'll be off my table and out of my sight soon.

5) My mama. She knew I couldn't find girl scout cookies up here (believe me- I even emailed the troop and no one got back to me- that's how pathetic I am), so she sent Danny and I each a box of our faves- as well as some other yummy Easter goodies- she's the bestest


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