A Day in the Life: My Morning Routine

My daily routine has changed so much since moving to Wyoming, and even since moving from our duplex in town to our little cabin in the woods. My morning's more relaxed (No traffic!). My scenery- refreshing. And my work load- heavier. I absolutely love it. Since we all have different mornings, in different towns, and in different areas of the country and world, I thought I'd share just what a little piece of mine looks like.

6:00am. Wake up and head downstairs...

Peek out our back window to see if there are any animals... none today

Check the side window too. As you can see. this one is not double paned like the other and tends to freeze over... on the inside... brrrrr. Plus I can't see out for a few hours. Oh cabin living

For some much needed warmth and energy I pour myself a cup of strong, black coffee...

And then get to chopping down the wood into smaller pieces for kindling...

 Next comes fire building time... being warm ranks high on my morning list of priorities.

Once the fire gets going, I sit at my reading spot...

And grab my Bible and whatever book I'm studying to start my morning devotions...

Afterwards, it's around 6:45am and I wake my husband up for work. Some days he takes the bus.  And some days Mavi and I drive him. The sun is just starting to come up and it's absolutely beautiful outside...

Once back home, I let Mavi out on his leash to do his business and chase squirrels. 

And  I go inside to work on the day's orders.


  1. brr that iced over window does look pretty chilly! But a great relaxing way to start your day, love that you have quiet time before hubs is up!

  2. I love your morning Brandi!

  3. This sounds lovely! I especially admire the way you have that uninterrupted time in the word! I am always THINKING about doing that and WISHING I did, but I am usually in a hurry to get dressed and out the door to work! I totally need to take 5! Oh to live in a cabin and work from home!!! Sounds fantastic, Brandi! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. B, what Bible are you using? It looks awesome and mine is about worn and ready for replacement.

    On another note, I'm thinking of a road trip to MT and this time I will drive a bit further for a visit!

  5. Jessica & Sarah- I haven't always had this time in the morning. For lent this year I decided to give up sleep and get up every morning 2 hours earlier so that I could be more productive with the hours in my day. It's still difficult- especially when the house is dark and cold- but having that quiet time in the morning has been both rewarding and invigorating

    Becca- Hey girl! I would LOVE to see you! Shoot me an email about when you think you'll be up here. Are you back from Costa Rica? And I've been using the Quest Study Bible for years now which I love- but Danny just got the MacArthur Study Bible and it is amazing! So much information! I totally recommend it.


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