Welcome to the New Silver Pencils Blog!

So excited to launch the all new Silver Pencils Blog today! Woo- hoo!! Mad props to all of you out there who do coding- that's a whole new language that is so crazy complicated... and I had it pretty easy. I also learned the importance of saving your work as you go... oh goodness did I learn that lesson... I think I had to redo a certain section of this 3 times because I didn't just press save when I should have. Lesson learned.

I loved the design of my previous blog so much, but after 3 years, I thought it important that my blog reflect the changes that have taken place in both my life and business. I hope you find the new Silver Pencils a little more grown up, focused, and a reflection of what I love and do.

Each post is now condensed into small sections in the center. Click Read More to get the full scoop.

A list of the evolving Top Ten most popular posts can be easily accessed on the right as well.

 So look around. Click some links, and let me know what you think. I'm still working out a couple bugs but everything should be working for the most part.



  1. Brandi, I love it! I know how annoying/frustrating redesigning a site can be, so definitely give yourself a big pat on the back!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the makeover and I can't believe you coded it yourself! Eek! Rock on!


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