Moose on the Loose... and other Wildlife Shenanigans

As of late, we've had bunch of wildlife in our yard... and especially moose. It's as if we live in a moose refuge or something. I LOVE it. I realize we've lived here for about 3 years now, but I don't know- it just does not get old... and I don't think it should. Here's a look at some of the visitors we've been having lately...

Um... doesn't she have the cutest little face ever?!

And I feel like she's going "Oooooooooh Eeeeeeeeee!" here... because that thought instantly makes me laugh... and because I'm a big ol nerd

We are also fortunate enough to have quite a few great gray owls hang around. I only see them about once or twice a month, but we hear them hooting above our house a couple nights a week.

And then back to the awesome moose. Here's a mama and her calf out in front of our house

We had a buck last week hanging out below the trees...

His lady friends gossiping later that day...

The next morning we had this guy walk down our street...

 You can tell it's a bull but that he's already shed his antlers by the marks above his eyes...

A couple days later this cow (lady moose) was munching on some shrubs...

Yesterday I was coming back from the post office and I saw a different cow with her calf hanging out in the creek. It was such an awesome scene and I would have stopped had I not had my crazy dog in the car.

So when I got home, I put Maverick out on his rope and went inside to tell Danny about the cute little moose scene I saw. It wasn't long before Maverick started barking though (he does that if he gets tangled or sees a squirrel) so I went back outside to see if he needed untangled. And that's when I saw he was less than 10 feet away from a bull moose barking like he was the bigger animal. I rushed to the rope, pulled him in as fast as I could, and got him in the house as quickly as possible. That dog is crazy.

Later on the moose came back. And he just happened to come when we also had a buck and 2 does out front as well. You can barely see the white butts of the does in the trees.

With the snow falling and all the animals out front, I felt like I was in Snow White... it was flipping awesome


  1. I'm born and raised in Alaska and having wildlife in your front yard never gets old!:) You have a lot more diversity than we do and I'm jealous. Always brightens your day doesn't it?


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