Mountain Living

What life in the mountains has been like as of late...

I went riding at Targhee in Idaho for the first time. Just happened to be an awesome powder day too. I'm terrible- but I had a great time and the view was gorgeous!

With some of the warmer weather we've been having (high 20's) we've also been getting some crazy icicles off our roof

Been workin' a lot. One of my necklaces already sold out at MADE (woo-hoo!) so I'll be making some more of the Stag Skull Necklace for them

Taught my dad how to cross county ski in Grand Teton National Park. He's a quick learner and it was really great being able to teach him how to do something for once in my life since he's taught me how to do most everything else :)

And took some photos during our break times

 The hubs and I also went on a mini nature date/ drive around the Hoback area

Can't seem to stop taking pictures of the sun... I just kind of like it

Played With/ Organized some of my pretty vintage thread

And while running errands over the past week, I took some more photos as well... because apparently that's just what I do...

All photos taken by my old school/ still kickin' 3GS. Follow me on instagram @Silverpencils


  1. What a life you live, girl. I'm swooning over these photos!

  2. Thanks so much! What you've got going on isn't so bad either ;)


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