Summer Camp (ing)

One of the many great things about living out here is that we can pick up and go camping on a moment's notice. We have tons and tons of campgrounds all within a 15- 30 minute radius... and we love camping.

Last week my hubs gave me very short notice (15 minutes!) for our little excursion. But since I was already done with my work for the day, it really didn't matter. I just packed a small bag and we were out the door.

We traveled to a place about 15 minutes south of town and got this gorgeous spot.

This was carved into our picnic table. I'm thinking some angry teenage boy was upset at his parents for making him go camping...

So we made a toast in Pink Floyd's honor and got started on some awesome boxed wine

while the guys geared up for fishing. As you can see, they're extremely serious and have so sense of humor

That night we dined on hamburgers, hot dogs, and s'mores- it was delicious

The next morning, Danny woke us all up with gas station coffee and a fire...

And the guys prepared to go fly fishing again...

Stephanie and Steven...

It was a really awesome way to unwind and take a break from work... all the while being gone for less than 24 hours.

So pretty!

Until next time Hoback...


  1. Looks like low-key camping, my favorite kind :) Last summer I took hot pockets for dinner and breakfast because I didn't have time to pack food - so bad for you, but lots of fun!

  2. i've never camped down that way but its on my list.

  3. so lucky! i was telling my husband about your blog the other day and how beautiful it is out there.

  4. Meagan- a lot less crowded and really pretty down there... plus the hubs likes any spot where he can also fish :)

    Mina- awhh thanks! You two should come visit :)


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