From Bleh to Good in 1 Day

Yesterday was not fun. I was having one of those... super crampy/ want to eat the entire house and lay around in sweats kind of days. Luckily I'd gotten all my orders done early and had shipped them out the day prior- so I got to answer emails looking dreadful without anyone ever having to see me typing in the fetal position... which is not pretty. Later in the day, I started feeling a little better and thought I'd try out Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out with Me. I checked it out a few days earlier from the library and had been wanting to start it. I read the entire thing within hours! Her funny little musings had me laughing out loud and feeling much better. Maybe it was the Asprin, warm compress, and/ or hot drinks, but I always think a little bit of laughter can help too. Plus, it always feels good to finish a book in "hours". Even though you could technically describe all books in this measurement... like it took me 19783iuwiu37947 hours to finish that first Teddy Roosevelt volume... and yes, there were letters in there- that's how long it took.

PS- If you search "cramps" in Google Image- a very scary band takes up the first 9 pages. Looking up PMS is even scarier for different reasons.

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  1. aw, i'm sorry you were in such discomfort! hope you are feeling better today. i read mindy kaling's book last month and thought it was really cute, and a fun quick read.

  2. I'm so excited to read this book now! You sold me. And the mental image I had of you in the fetal position writing emails made me chuckle out loud. Love it.

  3. i've been meaning to read this book!
    i need some good laughs.

    xo the egg out west.


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